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Tim Tyler


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Once the plans have been signed off by the customer and us, the construction of the hull can commence. The majority of our boats have been built on the Tim Tyler shell and continue to do so. Once the shell is complete it is transported to our boatyard where first the ballast is installed, portholes / windows fitted and the shell is then battered spray foamed.
Work then continues with the installation of the tanks, engine, electrics and plumbing, and the build of the interior structure. Once the bulkheads have been installed the boat really starts to take shape, and particularly once the skilled joiners start crafting the furniture.
The finishing touches including exterior and interior painting, four layers of varnishing and installation of appliances, suddenly result in a stunning dream boat for our next customer. The construction process on average usually takes about four months end to end, but is dependent on the length and complexity of the boat.

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