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Open Day 2012


'Braidbar Boats have been building narrowboats for the discerning boater at historic Lord Vernon's Wharf for more than thirty years’

Boats Open Day, 3rd September 2016

Many thanks to everyone that joined us for our annual Open Day event held here on Saturday 3rd September. As it was the “Braidbar Owners Weekend” event on the same weekend, we had lots of current Braidbar owners present to speak to visitors on the day. Our owners did a fantastic job of helping to organise the weekend, showing people around the boat yard and current builds, and also allowing visitors onto their own boats to view the quality and design. Visitors were treated to a wealth of information from seeing how we work, to being able to discuss ideas and thoughts.

Even though the Open Day was a soggy event on the day, it didn’t dampen the spirits of the Owners Group, and the day was a success with many positive outcomes from our visitors and wonderful feedback. As always, we are so grateful to our customers for the help and support they give us, the weekend would not be as it is without them.

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