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Sir James' Boatman's Cabin

I am absolutely delighted and I look forward to continuing living my dream and equally a relationship with the Braidbar team that I’m, sure will continue for years to come.

Sir James No.112

Having researched all things involved in narrow boats for approximately six years I reckoned I knew quite a lot about them by the time I decided that narrow boat ownership was for me ; I was very hooked on the ability to remove myself from a very busy work schedule, and escape to the country in my very own boat..

Being a perfectionist and researching probably hundreds of boats, I knew exactly what I wanted ; a combination of traditional and modern features, a vintage engine in its own engine room, hi tech components, absolute comfort and a quality of workmanship that could not be faulted.

From my first meeting with Peter and Susan Mason of Braidbar Boats in February 2008, I knew that if I made a commitment to have a boat built, Braidbar would be building it ; despite living in Kent, and spending most of my working week in Dorset, it would seem an interesting challenge to have a boat built in Macclesfield with me being so far away.

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