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State of the art electrics and a vintage engine; Craftsmanship from a forgotten age; luxury which would have original working boat families aghast.  A complete folly and we love it!

Jack No.108

Our Braidbar Boat has exceeded our expectations in so many ways. The care and attention to detail has been outstanding and our new boat receives admiring comments wherever we go.
We visited many boat builders before placing our order with Braidbar. It was evident to us from the outset that Braidbar were more interested than other boatyards in understanding what it was that we wanted on our boat, and our initial confidence was fully justified.
All suggestions we made during the build were readily incorporated. Except, of course, where it was patiently and courteously explained to us why we were unwise in our request! The layout of the boat has been perfected through their experience and we would not change anything. The quality of the workmanship throughout is excellent.
Peter was most professional in his approach to us, making comprehensive notes and faithfully recording and then incorporating our requirements. Our boat was completed on time and to budget, and we are thrilled that we chose a Braidbar boat.

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