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Inception No. 142

After 25 years as hirer’s we decided it was about time to take the plunge and buy our own boat. We had looked at boat builders up and down the country, when one day we saw a review in Waterways World about a boat built by Braidbar Boats. The only question was, could Braidbar be as good as the article indicated.

We arranged to visit at the time of the Braidbar Owners Club annual weekend. This event draws about a dozen or so owners and their boats to High Poynton from around the country. It is both an opportunity for Peter and Susan, owners of Braidbar, to keep in touch with their customers and also an opportunity for potential clients to independently ask questions of people who had already purchased from Braidbar. We were so impressed with what we heard and saw, that we booked our build slot there and then.

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