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Elizabeth Anne


Elizabeth Anne No. 170

The decision to live aboard a narrowboat came gradually. My brother had lived such a lifestyle in the 1980’s and there were aspects of his vagrant gypsy life that had stayed with me through those years. But not all of them, I knew that for me to live a life afloat would require a level of comfort and luxury that my brother could never have dreamt of.

I had known Iain and Luisa, Braidbar’s original owners, ever since those early boating days, and knew that the desire to produce boats of the very highest standard was what drove both them and their successors, Peter and Susan. So once that big decision to move aboard was made I never had any doubts that Braidbar was the company to choose. I paid the deposit and a build slot of April 2017 was secured.

An article in the boating press caused me some concern, Peter and Susan were selling, James and Donna were arriving. But my concerns were fleeting, any builder who could win for three consecutive years at Crick as James Atwood had done, would not be lowering standards. Braidbar was to be James and Donna’s future, there would only ever be one direction that they would accept.

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