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Jenny Rose

The windows and portholes are all thermal-break double- glazed

Jenny Rose No. 167

N/b Jenny Rose is a 68 Semi-Trad style narrow boat on a Tim Tyler shell, powered by a Beta Marine 50bhp diesel engine, Vetus electric bowthruster, and is fitted with two 3.5kw Mastervolt inverter / chargers, with three 5000wh Lithium batteries. The boat is heated by a diesel Webasto central heating system, and there is also a Squirrel stove in the saloon.

The windows and portholes are all thermal-break double- glazed, there are 2 double-glazed Houdinis (in the bedroom and galley), and the two side hatches in the dinette are double-glazed, supplying lots of natural light throughout the boat, whilst keeping it energy efficient.

The stairs from the rear deck lead to the dayroom, with a ‘wet’ locker on the starboard side and electrics cupboard on the portside. Two sofa-beds have been built either side with overhead cupboards extending down their length.


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